Thursday, March 29, 2007

Busy Making Presents

Well have been busy getting some presents ready for Mum and Sue(my Aunt) for their birthdays next month. Still have to find the right clasp for Mum's bracelet and I think I might embellish the bail on Sue's pendant with a bit of wire weaving and maybe a pearl or something. I'll see what happens when the muse hits me(hopefully not with a baseball bat!!LOL)
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This particular chain maille weave is called Parallel Helm. I have made these in Sterling silver and GF so they have a nice two tone look.

Not much else has been happening. Settling in at the new job and enjoying it very much.

That is it for today and hopefully Mum and my Aunt don't have a look here before their birthdays!!
Ciao for now, catch you soon!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Last Day, First Day Plus a New Pendant

Well my last day at RSGC was on Monday. Bit sad to go as they were a great bunch of people to work with. It was nice to work in a place that has some real history behind it. Any way here are some photos I took of some of the people I worked with. I do have a few more but they are on my mobile and I have to work out how to load them onto my computer.

Amy, Alanna, Roxanne, Me and Arianne
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Patricia, Nam, Amy, Alanna, Roxanne and Arianne
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Loryn and Viet
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Gary, Leanne, Tony and Me
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Belinda, Ryan, Me, Gary, Loryn, Charlie and Leeanne
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First day at the new job at Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL yesterday was good. Had a short day (9am to 2pm) met most of the guys and gals in the kitchen. Today I start in the Fernhill Bistro which will be interesting part a la carte and part ready cooked in bain marie.

And lastly here is a pendant that I finally finished last week, I did it in stops and starts over two weeks. From a tutorial from Remy at I really learnt a lot while making this and look forward to making another one. Here it is:

Little Miss Stormy: Sterling Silver and Labradorite cabochon......
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Thanks for having a look!

Catch you soon, ciao for now!