Monday, March 9, 2009

Been a While...

So what have I been up to?
Well I had my birthday at the end of January and got a Hibachi from my sister in law and her husband. Unfortunately the first day I wanted to use it, it rained. So out came the umbrellas...

Kept most of the rain off until dinner was cooked.

Also learnt to make an easy cheese called Labne/Labna. Made from yoghurt and a little salt and then left to drain. I found the recipe for it on the following blog.... Lots of other yummy recipes on there too!!

In December we attended the Sydney cocktail party at LK Jewellery (in the Sheraton on the Park) for Boucheron. It is wonderful that there is a stockist in Australia of these wonderful jewels. Having been to the Tokyo boutique last year it was a wonderful surprise when Rose told us that they were going to stock Boucheron. The evening was fantastic I got to try on LOTS of jewels. I also got to meet one of Australia's best performers Maria Venuti. A truly lovely lady who is a well known charity supporter. Hope Maria has some performances this year as I would love to catch her live.

Anyway that is it for me today Catch you soon