Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A Couple of Little Videos from Hong Kong

Well I have just discovered how to put videos on to my blog(I am rather techno challenged!!!) So here they are. The first one is me on the Star ferry which I still have to email to Mum and Dad.

This next one is one Rene did when we went up Victoria Peak(wasn't it nice of them to name it after me except they got the spelling wrong!LOL)

Here is Rene at the Hard Rock Cafe when we went for a cocktail.

And here I am at the Peninsula Hotel before we had afternoon tea, but after spending some cash!! As you can see I went to the same school of presenting that Belinda Jeffries (From BHG) went to....have to learn not to smile while talking!!LOL I think a bit of lippy might have been a good idea too! At least I wore some jewellery I made myself.

Ciao for now time for bed!!

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